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Current :   No.1, vol.31 (2016)

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A new approach for identification of the genus Paralia (Bacillariophyta) in Korea based on morphology and morphometric analyses

Author: Yun Suk Min, Lee Sang Deuk, Park Joon Sang, Lee Jin Hwan
DOI: 10.4490/algae.2016.31.3.7
Publish: ALGAE Volume 31, Issue 1, p1~16, 15 March 2016

Feeding by the newly described heterotrophic dinoflagellate Aduncodinium glandula: having the most diverse prey species in the family Pfiesteriaceae

Author: Jang Se Hyeon, Jeong Hae Jin, Lim An Suk, Kwon Ji Eun, Kang Nam Seon
DOI: 10.4490/algae.2016.31.2.2
Publish: ALGAE Volume 31, Issue 1, p17~31, 15 March 2016

First record of red macroalgae bloom in Southern Atlantic Brazil

Author: Martins Mateus S., Massocato Thais F., Horta Paulo A., Baruf Jose Bonomi
DOI: 10.4490/algae.2016.31.3.5
Publish: ALGAE Volume 31, Issue 1, p33~39, 15 March 2016

The clonal seaweed Chondrus crispus as a foundation species

Author: Scrosati Ricardo A.
DOI: 10.4490/algae.2016.31.2.10
Publish: ALGAE Volume 31, Issue 1, p41~48, 15 March 2016

Effects of future climate conditions on photosynthesis and biochemical component of Ulva pertusa (Chlorophyta)

Author: Kang Eun Ju, Kim Kwang Young
DOI: 10.4490/algae.2016.31.3.9
Publish: ALGAE Volume 31, Issue 1, p49~59, 15 March 2016

Cellular growth and fatty acid content of Arctic chlamydomonadalean

Author: Jung Woongsic, Kim Eun Jae, Lim Suyoun, Sim Hyunji, Han Se Jong, Kim Sanghee, Kang Sung-Ho, Choi Han-Gu
DOI: 10.4490/algae.2016.31.2.8
Publish: ALGAE Volume 31, Issue 1, p61~72, 15 March 2016

Fermented Saccharina japonica (Phaeophyta) improves neuritogenic activity and TMT-induced cognitive deficits in rats

Author: Park Hyun-Jung, Lee Mi-Sook, Shim Hyun Soo, Lee Gyeong-Ran, Chung Sun Yong, Kang Young Mi, Lee Bae-Jin, Seo Yong Bae, Kim Kyung Soo, Shim Insop
DOI: 10.4490/algae.2016.31.11.10
Publish: ALGAE Volume 31, Issue 1, p73~84, 15 March 2016