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Environmental Engineering Research in September 2013
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  • 1. Yim B, Lee K, Kim J, Hong H, Kim S. 2013 Evaluation of badge-type diffusive sampler performance for measuring indoor formaldehyde. [Environ. Eng. Res.] Vol.18 P.123-128 google
  • 2. Park YJ, Lim L, Song H. 2013 Distinct oxidative damage of biomolecules by arrays of metals mobilized from different types of airborne particulate matters; SRM1648, fine (PM2.5), and coarse (PM10) fractions. [Environ. Eng. Res.] Vol.18 P.139-143 google
  • 3. Shin SH, Jo WK. 2013 Temporal characteristics of volatile organic compounds in newly-constructed residential buildings: concentration and source. [Environ. Eng. Res.] Vol.18 P.169-176 google
  • 4. Woo J, Choi KS. 2013 Analysis of potential reductions of greenhouse gas emissions on the college campus through the energy saving action programs. [Environ. Eng. Res.] Vol.18 P.191-197 google
  • 5. Hossain MM, Mahmud MI, Parvez MS, Cho HM. 2013 Impact of current density, operating time and pH of textile wastewater treatment by electrocoagulation process. [Environ. Eng. Res.] Vol.18 P.157-161 google
  • 6. Shafiquzzam MM, Hasan M, Nakajima J. 2013 Iron mixed ceramic pellet for arsenic removal from groundwater. [Environ. Eng. Res.] Vol.18 P.163-168 google
  • 7. Singh J, Kalamdhad AS. 2013 Effect of rotary drum on the speciation of heavy metals during water hyacinth composting. [Environ. Eng. Res.] Vol.18 P.177-189 google
  • 8. Ban YU, Woo HM, Han KM, Baek JI. 2013 Building an integrated governance model and finding management measures for nonpoint source pollution in watershed management of Korea. [Environ. Eng. Res.] Vol.18 P.199-208 google
  • 9. Ahn C, Jones S. 2013 Assessing organic matter and organic carbon contents in soils of created mitigation wetlands in Virginia. [Environ. Eng. Res.] Vol.18 P.151-156 google
  • 10. Jin KN, Park JH, Lee JM, Lee SH. 2013 Utilization of the outflowing groundwater resources in an underpass structure. [Environ. Eng. Res.] Vol.18 P.117-121 google
  • 11. Oh YY, Hamm SY, Chung SY, Lee BD. 2013 Characterizing hydraulic properties by grain-size analysis of fluvial deposits depending on stream path in Korea. [Environ. Eng. Res.] Vol.18 P.129-137 google
  • 12. Nam JY, Moon C, Jeong E, Lee WT, Shin HS, Kim HW. 2013 Optimal metal dose of alternative cathode catalyst considering organic substances in single chamber microbial fuel cells. [Environ. Eng. Res.] Vol.18 P.145-150 google
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