The Mirror of Seon (2)*

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    “There is One-thing that is pure and sublime from its birthless birth, and as it has neither beginning nor end, there is no way to be named or described.” This is the opening line of ‘The Mirror of Seon’ by the Most Venerable Seosan. He then asks himself, “What is it that is the One-thing called?” and answers his own question quoting a passage from an ancient sage: “There was a circle even before the arrival of Buddha, which not even Sakyamuni could describe. How then was it possible for Mahakasyapa to transmit it?” This is the theme and the essence of the work: finding our true nature and original face, which is without form and indescribable.


    Great-circle , Silence , Dharma-body , Simultaneous cultivation of meditation and doctrine , Great exertion.

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