Environmental Engineering Research in December 2012

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  • 1. Chae MS, Woo SG, Yang JK, Bae SD, Choi SI 2012 Treatability evaluation of n-hexadecane and 1-methylnaphthalene during fenton reaction [Environ. Eng. Res] Vol.17 P.217-225 google
  • 2. Kang SC, Lee BH 2012 Removal of phosphorus in wastewater by Ca-impregnated activated alumina [Environ. Eng. Res] Vol.17 P.197-203 google
  • 3. Han J, Kong C, Heo J, Yoon Y, Lee H, Heo N 2012 Removal of perchlorate using reverse osmosis and nanofiltration membranes [Environ. Eng. Res] Vol.17 P.185-190 google
  • 4. Kwon BG, Kim JO, Kwon JK 2012 An advanced kinetic method for HO2?/O2-? determination by using terephthalate in the aqueous solution [Environ. Eng. Res] Vol.17 P.205-210 google
  • 5. Kim KY, Ko HJ, Kim D 2012 Assessment of airborne microorganisms in a swine wastewater treatment plant [Environ. Eng. Res] Vol.17 P.211-216 google
  • 6. Lee JY, Jo WK 2012 Control of methyl tertiary-butyl ether via carbon-doped photocatalysts under visible-light irradiation [Environ. Eng. Res] Vol.17 P.179-184 google
  • 7. Chun SK 2012 A study on the mass balance analysis of non-degradable substances for bioreactor landfill [Environ. Eng. Res] Vol.17 P.191-196 google