Environmental Engineering Research in September 2012

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  • 2. Moon BH, BH KH, Kim SS, Yoon CH. 2012 Effects of aerobic and non-aerobic starvation on SBR performance when treating saline wastewater. [Environ. Eng. Res.] Vol.17 P.139-144 google
  • 3. Reddy DH, Lee SM, Seshaiah K. 2012 Removal of Cd(II) and Cu(II) from aqueous solution by agro biomass: equilibrium, kinetic and thermodynamics studies. [Environ. Eng. Res.] Vol.17 P.125-132 google
  • 4. Lee Y, Oa SW. 2012 Desorption kinetics and removal characteristics of Pb-contaminated soil by the soil washing method: mixing ratios and particle sizes. [Environ. Eng. Res.] Vol.17 P.145-150 google
  • 5. Suk MK, Lee GW, Lee JJ 2012 Thermal destruction of waste insulating oil containing PCBs under high temperature and pressurized conditions. [Environ. Eng. Res.] Vol.17 P.157-165 google
  • 6. Lee H, Suh H, Chang T. 2012 Rapid removal of green algae by the magnetic method. [Environ. Eng. Res.] Vol.17 P.151-156 google
  • 7. Ahn JH. 2012 Identifying suspended particulate matters in an urban coastal system: significance and application of particle size analysis. [Environ. Eng. Res.] Vol.17 P.167-174 google